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Our Team

Mars Restoration believes that the products we install are only as good as the people who install them. That is why we pride ourselves on having an industry leading team of installers behind all products.

Our team of factory certified installers are ready to get to work on your next project!


Mars Restoration does not just put on a roof, we INSTALL A PREMIUM ROOFING SYSTEM. Our team has been awarded the Master Shingle Applicator certificate, by CertainTeed tm. This in turn allows Mars restoration to offer our clients an extended, non-prorated, lifetime warranty on both the roofing material and labor.

Roofing Systems

Swift Starter: The application of starter on the entire perimeter of the roof provides maximum protection and wind resistance on all edges. As well as providing a clean cut look around the entire perimeter from the ground.

Drip Edge: Drip edge is applied around the perimeter of the roof on the edge of the roof decking. This L-shaped metal flashing provides protection from moisture seepage into the edges of the roof.

Ice and water shield: Ice and water shield is installed on all eaves, through all valleys and around any roof penetration. This special rubberized roofing underlayment provides additional protection through high water traffic areas, as well as protects the edges of the roof from the most common roof leak, An ice damn.

Felt: Felt paper underlayments are available in several different varieties. From your traditional asphalt saturated fiberglass, to your complete synthetic systems. The felt covers the entire deck surface before the application of the shingle product and is there to provide a secondary layer of protection from the weather while providing a barrier between the roof deck and the shingles.

Ventilation: By using ridge vents or power ventilation systems your roof needs to be ventilated properly. Proper ventilation helps reduce both heat and moisture build up that can occur in attic space. A roof that lacks proper ventilation can cause damage or mold to the structure while reducing the life of the shingle applied to the roof. Proper roof ventilation is necessary to maintain and not void, roof warranties.

Architectural shingles:
+ Dual layered construction provides extra protection from the elements.
+ Available in an impressive array of colors that compliments any home.
+ Granule technology to allow for a 10-15 year algae-resistance warranty.
+ Added value with enhanced aesthetic appeal.
+ High wind ratings up to 130 mph*.
+ Lifetime product warranty.

Cedar shake roofing: The rustic and natural look of cedar shake roofs are available through Mars Restoration. Available in different styles and shapes, a cedar roof can enhance the appearance of any home.

Metal roofing: Aluminum and copper metal roofs provide a lifetime of worry free protection from the elements. With many colors to choose from they can accent a home’s design or be the focal point of a home or building.

Slate roofing: One of the oldest types of roof coverings, a slate roof can last over 100 years if maintained properly. As a premium roofing option slate roofs, can provide a distinct and stunning look to a home.

Low slope roofing: A roofing membrane that is a premium, self-adhering SBS modified bitumen roofing material suitable for use in accordance with CertainTeed specifications for most low-slope roof system applications. Available in 6 colors to compliment any shingle application.


Vinyl siding: The most modern and popular siding material used today, leading the way in exterior home design. Mars is able to provide many different styles of siding, with an extensive variety of colors to meet all homeowner’s needs. Vinyl siding has the ability to withstand high winds, impacts, the heat, the cold and moisture infiltration, while retaining its original appearance and performance capabilities over a long period of time. Lifetime warranties on products and installation are available.

Insulation: An insulated moisture barrier is customarily installed on every vinyl siding project Mars Restoration installs. This not only provides additional protection form the elements but helps insulate the walls, lowering energy usage in the home.

Trim: All homes have a variety of trim components that include facia, soffit, rake, window and door frames. Mars Restoration provides a wide variety of products to insure that these areas accent the siding properly and last throughout the years with zero maintenance.


Seamless gutters: Mars Restoration offers a seamless gutter system custom made onsite to fit your home and your homes water management needs. Warranties on product and installation available.

Leaf Relief Gutter Guards: Mars Restoration offers a low-profile gutter cover system that is nearly invisible, with zero maintenance, and a lifetime no clog warranty.

Windows / Doors

Vinyl windows: Mars vinyl window system exceeds industry standards and our custom manufactured for each individual home. Every window is energy star rated with comfort tech glass. Our factory installers allow for lifetime worry free warranties.

Doors: An elegant entryway that provides security and energy efficiency is the goal for every door system we provide. Several manufactures to choose from based on the needs of the customer allows for Mars to achieve our goal.

Home with beautiful new roofing and siding shown.
Your home is the biggest single investment you will ever make. At MARS Restoration, We Restore What Matters Most.
MARS Restoration quote about their factory certified installers.
Call today for your free Damage Inspection 888.242.6831.
MARS Restoration roof graphic with details of roofing system and how it works.
At MARS Restoration, we provide a complete roof system in accordance with all manufacturer specifications. This ensures the roof performs properly for years to come.
Fully restored home with the most popular roof color, Moire Black, is shown after their storm damage project was completed by MARS Restoration of Waldorf, MD.
When restoring a home, we find that Moire Black (shown here) is the most popular color in our area. However, there are more than a dozen colors to choose from. And we’re always happy to help you decide which option best complements your home.
MARS Restoration storm restoration projects often have architectural shingled roofs with multiple angles and pitches as shown here.
Most houses have three or four main colors that work together to showcase its unique features. Selecting the right roof color maximizes your curb appeal.
Leaf Relief, the preferred gutter system used by MARS Restoration is shown here.
Leaf Relief is the preferred gutter system used by MARS Restoration. It keeps your gutters clear from debris and allows for proper water management.
MARS Restoration uses Energy Star Windows such as the four different styles shown here.
At MARS Restoration, we feature Energy Star Rated windows. We offer many styles and options to fit any budget. These insulated vinyl windows are custom manufactured to fit your individual needs.
MARS Restoration uses Energy Star Windows such as the four different styles shown here.
At MARS Restoration, we feature Energy Star Rated windows. We offer many styles and options to fit any budget. These insulated vinyl windows are custom manufactured to fit your individual needs.
MARS Restoration carries basic, ornate, fiberglass and steel entry doors as show here.
Whether you’re looking for basic or ornate, fiberglass or steel, MARS Restoration has many different options for entry door systems. Call today to have one of our Product Specialists stop by and design the perfect door for you. 888.242.6831